Diversity of activities: The operation of community - based organizations in HIV/AIDS in contemporary Vietnam

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  • Pham Phuong Mai Hanoi Medical University
  • Pham Quang Loc Hanoi Medical University
  • Le Minh Giang Hanoi Medical University



Từ khóa:

Community - based organizations, HIV/AIDS, Vietnam

Tóm tắt

Community - based organizations (CBO) have implemented various activities and have contributed to the successful responses to HIV/AIDS epidemic in Vietnam. However, in the context of donor phase-out, little information of current CBO’s activities has been published. This study aims to describe the diversity of CBO’s activities and to assess factors associated with implementing activities. A survey of CBO established before October 2014 and still operated after June 2014 was conducted from November 2014 to June 2015 in Vietnam. Their characteristics and participation in implementing any activities, related or not related to HIV were collected. Majority of 277 CBOs were established 2 to 10 years ago (83%) and were the group of people living with HIV (45%). Ten percent of them had legal status but most of them had leadership and an organization goal. Among 30 activities enlisted, Vietnamese CBOs provided approximately 14 activities on average. Disseminate HIV-related knowledge, outreach most at risk-people and support people to do HIV testing are three most popular activities implemented by Vietnamese CBOs. On the contrary, support for elderly/ homeless people, non-profit activities and other relevant activities are least implemented. A multiple linear regression model found six factors associated with increased activities: Older establishment, having leadership, having legal status, experienced CBO founders, having specific organization goal, and the number of partners. Vietnamese CBOs are implementing diverse activities in terms of types and numbers, remaining the key actor in HIV/AIDS prevention. Future interventions and investment in CBO are necessary to end the epidemic.

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Mai, P. P. ., Loc, P. Q. ., & Giang, L. M. . (2022). Diversity of activities: The operation of community - based organizations in HIV/AIDS in contemporary Vietnam. Tạp Chí Y học Dự phòng, 32(4), 64–73. https://doi.org/10.51403/0868-2836/2022/685


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