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Volume 28, Issue 3(201) 2018
A review of rubella virus vaccine and the coverage of rubella vaccination among childbearing age women
Author: Do Minh Tri, Nguyen Van Thanh and Le Thi Thanh Xuan
Rubella is an infectious disease caused by rubella virus and spread in airborne droplets when infected people sneeze or cough. Outbreaks tend to occur in winter-spring. Infected people are most likely to suffer from fever, rash and swollen lymph node in sub-occipital, post-auricular; arthralgia/arthritis may develop in some cases. Everyone is at risk for infecting rubella if there is no immunization but the risk is likely higher in some vulnerable groups such as pregnant women. The disease may be prevented by vaccine, which is safe and effective solution. This article summarizes rubella virus vaccine and reviews some studies on utilization of vaccine among childbearing age women both in Vietnam and international countries. As results, rubella vaccination should be planned at least 3 months or more, as suggested by both Ministry of Health and WHO. There are some studies on the coverage of rubella vaccination among childbearing age women ranged from 4.6% to 86%. Factors associated with the coverage of Rubella vaccination among them were identified, such as educational status of the parents, source of information, nation…However, the data still lacking in Vietnam so it is recommended for further research in coming time
Rubella vaccine, childbearing age women
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