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Volume 27, Issue 12(197) 2017
Pre-marital sex among the sixth year students at Hanoi Medical University in 2015
Author: Dao Thi Minh An and Vu Thi Linh Trang
A cross-sectional study among 609 Hanoi Medical University students who were at the sixth grade in the academic year 2014-2015 was conducted aiming to measure characteristics of safe sex and healthy sex before marriage. The pre-marital sex among the six-grade medical students occupied 19.4%. The matters of unhealthy sex behaviors among students were those 9.3% and 6.8% of them having casual partners in their first sex and their last sex, respectively; 4.2% of them having homo or hetero sex; 40.0% and 10.7% of them having multiple sex partners up to present and in the past month, respectively. Fifteen percent of them have had sex for material exchanges; 17.8% have had oral sex; 1.1% of male students have had sex with prostitutes. Behaviors of unsafe sex were demonstrated on the figures that 13.6% and 12.5% female who have ever got pregnancies and had more than one time of being pregnant, respectively. Noticeably, 43.8% of pregnant students have decided to have an abortion. A forum of reproductive health needs to be established in the academic university
Pre-marital sex, students, Medical University
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