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Volume 27, Issue 12(197) 2017
Application of Next Generation Sequencing for genetic identification of AIK-C strain used for production of live-attenuated measles vaccine in Vietnam: Substitutions at protein level
Author: Nguyen Thi Thuong, Nguyen Dang Hien, Nguyen Tran Hien, Nguyen Thi Mai Huong, Tran Quoc Quan, Nguyen Vu Trung, Pham Van Hung, Tran Thi Hien and Tham Chi Dung
Measles remains one of childhood’s leading infections and can be fatal, but it is preventable by vaccine. The Center for Research and Production of Vaccines and Biologicals (POLYVAC), Hanoi, Vietnam has been successfully producing a single, live-attenuated measles vaccine using the AIK-C strain (POLYVAC_AIK-C) and is submitting a lot as the national reference candidate for vaccine quality control, which requires the phenotypic and genetic identifiation of the manufacturing strain, which requires the phenotypic and genetic identification of the manufacturing strain. This study sequenced the full genome of the POLYVAC_AIK-C strain using the Next Generation Sequencing technique on an Illumina platform. Sequences were used for comparison with those of Edmonston wild-type strain and all fully and insufficiently attenuated vaccine strains used globally. Results showed that N gene had only Q129K in the core region. Of 3 P gene substitutions, E225G and C275Y were in the region interacting with N gene and phosphorylation sites were unchanged. The V gene had only E225G. The C gene had S134Y in the down regulation region. Of 3 substitutions of M gene, E89K enhanced the interaction with the cytoplasm domain of H gene. The F gene had 3 substitutions, of which S365Y was in a cystein-rich region, and there was no substitution in the cutting region or intracellular 33-aa region. Of 7 substitutions of H gene, five were associated with the attachment and use of CD46 receptor. There was no substitution in ectodomain, glycosylation, ologomerization, folding sites and no mutation at residue 194. The L gene had 4 substitutions, however, the oligomerization region or hydrophobic aa was unchanged. The POLYVAC_AIK-C strain was fully attenuated, unable to cause persistent infection, non-virulent, unchanged in antigenicity, formation of RNP complex, phosphorylation or glycosylation and could use the CD46 receptor effectively.
Medicine arthropod, Ectoparasites, Ixodoidea, Trombiculidae, Gamasoidea, Southern Vietnam
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