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Volume 27, Issue 12(197) 2017
Primary clarithromycin-resistant Helicobacter pylori in Vietnamese gastroduodenal pediatric patients
Author: Nguyen Thi Ut, Nguyen Thanh Ngan, Nguyen Thuy Tram, Pham Thanh Hai, Luong Minh Hoa, Le Thanh Hai, Phung Dac Cam, Dang Duc Anh and Hoang Thi Thu Ha
Primary resistance to antibiotic is the major cause of treatment failure of Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection in pediatric patients, especially clarithromycin. The resistance to clarithromycin is due to the point mutations at position of A2143G, A2142G or A2142C of 23S rRNA gene. However, in Vietnam, the presence of these point mutations to clarithromycin resistance is not known. The aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of primary clarithromycin- resistant H. pylori and to detect a main mutation associated with resistance in Vietnamese pediatric patients. The study was carried out from December 2012 to February 2014, 212 gastric biopsy samples were obtained from H. pylori first-line treatment patients in National Hospital of Pediatrics. Clarithromycin susceptibility of H.pylori strains was determined by E-test. Simultaneously, real-time PCR directly identified a point mutations in 23S rRNA gene from gastric biopsies. Results showed that 186 patients were H. pylori positive by culture (87.7%). The prevalence of primary clarithromycin resistance of H. pylori was 59.1% (110/186). The A2143G was the most frequent point mutation observed (87.2%), followed by the A2142G (12.3%). The A2142C was not found in the present study. In Vietnamese pediatric patients, the prevalence of primary clarithromycin resistance in H. pylori was high and the A2143G was the main point mutation presented. A further study needs to perform antimicrobial testing before optimizing an eradication regimen and to evaluate the effect of mutations of 23S rRNA on the rate of H. pylori eradication.
H.pylori, clarithromycin, antibiotic resistance, pediatric patients, Vietnam
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