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Volume 27, Issue 12(197) 2017
Prevalence of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection and genotype distribution among women in Vietnam: A literature review to improve health programs against anogenital cancer
Author: Tham Chi Dung, Frank Roesl, Nguyen Van Trang, Nikolaus Becker, Luong Minh Tan, Pham Van Hung, Phan Thien Huong and Nguyen Tran Hien
Compared to other Asian countries, Vietnam is still “a blind spot” with respect of the national and regional HPVlinked cancer burden, epidemiology and integrative screening modalities. Moreover, due to different experimental methods, disparities in the outcome of the diverse studies could be discerned. To shed light in these problems, we carried out a literature review based on epidemiological data published in international and particularly in local journals. The results showed that overall prevalence was 8.61% (95%CI: 8.58-8.63%) with significant difference according to region and cervical cell collection methods. Based on recent studies, implementation of HPV vaccine in Vietnam should also consider the fact that HPV52 and in particular HPV58 are very common types where none of the currently available bivalent or quadrivalent vaccines leads to cross-protection. Hence, clinical trials with second generation vaccine like chimeric RG1-VLPs presenting HPV16 L2 amino acids 17-36 (RG1 epitope) within the L1 open-reading frame of HPV16 L1 are necessary to monitor the efficacy in inducing cross-neutralizing antibodies also in Southeast Asia countries
HPV, prevalence, genotype, cervical cancer, literature review
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