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Volume XXVI, Issue 3(176) 2016
Association between household sanitation, water supply, mothers’ hygiene behavior and nutritional status of under 5 children in Vietnam, 2010
Author: Nguyen Huy Nga, Do Manh Cuong, Nguyen Thi Lien Huong, Duong Chi Nam, Nguyen Bich Thuy and Trinh Huu Vach
In seeking the evidences for sustainable interventions, a study on household sanitation, water supply, mothers’ hygiene behavior and the nutritional status of children under-5 was jointly conducted by Ministry of Health and UNICEF in 2010. This study applied cross-sectional method with mul-ti-variable and single-variable logistic regression models to determine the relations between water, sanitation, hygiene conditions and the nutritional status of 3,356 children of 2,869 households in 6 provinces of Vietnam. The results showed that the child stunting and under-weight rates were 35.4% and 21.3% respectively, a little higher than those reported from national data. 15.1% and 30.4% of households used surface and other unhygienic waters for drinking and domestic purposes respectively. Coverage of household having latrine was 70.3%, however only 30.9% of these met national standards. Hand washing with soap practice of mothers at critical times varied from 14.9% to 36.2%. There were clear relations between the nutritional status of children under-5 and water, sanitation, hygiene-related factors. By applying the population attributable risk (PAR), it was calculated that the rates of underweight and stunting could be reduced by 0 - 33% if existing water supply, latrine and hand washing with soap conditions to be improved.
Children under 5, hygiene behavior, nutritional status, sanitation, Vietnam, water
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