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Volume XXVI, Issue 3(176) 2016
Dietary intake and nutritional status of children from 24-59 months in Xuan Quang commune, Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province, Vietnam in 2012
Author: Le Hong Phuong, Le Thi Huong, Nguyen Thu Giang and Tran Thi Giang Huong
Between the ages of 24-59 months, children start eating with their family and no longer receive special diets. A cross sectional study in 237 children was used to describe the nutritional status, food intake, relationship between diet and nutritional status of children. The results showed that the proportions of being underweight, stunted and wasted children were 25%, 30% and 9% of children respectively. The average of main meals was three meals per day. The average proportion of protein, lipid and glucide of the children’s diet was 17%, 20% and 63%, respectively. Food intake did not meet the daily recommendation for energy, lipid, glucide, vitamin A, iron and calcium. However, protein intake was sufficient. Lipid intake of children who were underweight and wasting is lower than children without malnutrition. It may be explained that the sample size of this study was not big enough to find out the statistical significant difference
Malnutrition, food intake, children, Chiem Hoa
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