Page: 41
Volume XXVI, Issue 3(176) 2016
Nutritional status of children under five years old and some related factors in Xuan Quang commune, Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province, Vietnam, 2011
Author: Le Thi Huong, Le Hong Phuong and Nguyen Thu Giang
The prevalence of malnutrition in children under 5 years old of Vietnam had been decreased although still higher than of other countries in the region and in the world. A cross sectional study among 382 children was conducted to evaluate the nutritional status of children and some related factors in Xuan Quang commune. Results showed that prevalence of underweight, stunted or wasted malnutrition accounted for 18%, 23% and 14% children, respectively. Severe malnutrition was found in 6%. The highest prevalence of all malnutrition types was found in children aged 36-47 months. There was a statistically significant association between stunting and the shortage of rice within the households. Children of mothers with low knowledge and practices of pregnancy care, breastfeeding and complementary feeding were more likely to be malnourished
Malnutrition, children under 5 years, Tuyen Quang
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