Page: 15
Volume XXVI, Issue 3(176) 2016
Impact of heat exposure on the worker health at a shipyard in Haiphong in the context of climate change in 2012
Author: Vu Thi Thu Nga, Khuong Van Duy, Nguyen Thi Bich Lien, Ngo Tri Tuan, Duong Khanh Van and Nguyen Bich Diep
The study was to investigate the impact of heat exposure at workplace on worker health in Hai Phong in 2012. A cross-sectional study was performed using self-administered questionnaire among 464 workers. Results showed that workers had to work in highly temperatured, poorly ventilated and dusty conditions. Workers reported having various heat stress related signs/symptoms while working in hot condition. Factors associated with ever having heat stress related symptoms include high temperature, bad ventilation and drinking. In conclusion, adaptation solutions should be applied at workplace by employers to protect the worker health while working in hot condition. There should be more studies on the impact on health and productivity of different groups of workers
Hot condition, workplace, health impact, heat stress
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