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Volume XXV, Issue 2(162) 2015
Harm reduction program effectiveness for preventing HIV transmission in the community of the HIV/AIDS Asia regional program in Vietnam, 2010 to 2013
Author: Nguyen Anh Tuan, Le Anh Tuan, Pham Duc Manh, Nguyen Hoang Long and Le An Ni
To evaluate effectiveness of the HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program in Vietnam, a cross-sectional study among people who inject drug (PWIDs) was conducted. PWIDs 18 years old and older, who self-reported injecting illicit drugs at least once in the last month, voluntarily participated in a survey from January 2014 to February 2014 conducted in Bac Kan, Hoa Binh, and Tuyen Quang provinces. A total of 601 PWID drugs were selected using time–location sampling method. HIV infection status was confirmed by strategy III. Tablets with built-in electronic questionnaires were used for interviews. Coarsened exact matching technique was used to make a valid inference that the program actually caused the observed changes and to limit confounding factors. Results showed that HIV prevalence remains at a high level (Bac Kan, 25.4%; Hoa Binh, 12.5%; and Tuyen Quang, 18.0%). However, these values were reduced considerably in comparison with the 2009 prevalence rates in Bac Kan and Hoa Binh provinces and generally did not change in Tuyen Quang (reduced largely in Tuyen Quang City and increased in Son Duong district). Two individual services (receiving HIV testing and results within last 6 months; and participating in methadone treatment) reduced risk behaviors for HIV infection. Receiving the full basic intervention package or at least five out of six services clearly affected risk behavior reduction among PWIDs. The services of comprehensive package need to be adequately promoted to every PWID. The methadone treatment program and the voluntary HIV counseling and testing need to be promoted. There is a need for further attention from the project and the local authority to provide an effective intervention model for Son Duong district (Tuyen Quang province)
The Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Program, people who inject drugs, harm reduction program, Vietnam
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